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Olive Wood Mortars & Pestles

It is very hard to find an item as exquisite as the olive wood gift. First, one needs a superior skill to master the art of carving, and second, the material needs to be something really superb,which is olive wood. People use olive wood mortars because it has great firmness and strength to keep up with everyday use. Trying to fashion wood into pieces of beauty is a traditional art that has been rooted in the culture of local artisans. Tunisians have a great respect for olive wood crafts.

A simple and primary wood would not make a nice kitchenware.These products are tough for various reasons, and that is because they are made of hardwood. The olive wood gift or the olive wood crafts will simply last forever, with only needing simple care. Items once made are polished and smoothed over using olive oil and beeswax so that they remain glowing for a long time. Durability and great style mark the olive wood mortars and kitchenware made of olive wood. The craftsmanship of the local Tunisian artisans sets the trend for style and culture throughout the region and in many other parts of the world


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