Friends/Family Holiday Sale!

Thank you for your interest in Naturalolivewood.
This link will bring you to our online catalog . The item numbers listed below are the products I have in stock, along with the corresponding price.
DI-01 Two Section Dish $12.00
DI-04 Rustic Bread Basket $20.00
DI-09 Drop Dish $8.00
DI-12 Heart Dish $12.00
DI-13 Oval Dish $12.00
DI-15 Set of Dishes $30.00
DI-16 Rustic Dish $8.00
DI-18 Leaf Dish $12.00
CB-01 Keyhole $40.00
CB-14 Paddle Cutting Board (7.9″) $15.00 & (11.8″) $20.00
CB-15 Block Cutting Board (7.9″) $15.00
SP-01 Spoon $10.00
SP-05 Ladle $15.00
SP-10 Spatula Set $15.00
SP-11 Spoon Set $15.00
SP-15 Serving Hands $15.00
TU-21 Salt Scoop $10.00
TU-22 Soap Dish $8.00
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the products, sizes, etc.
Orders can be submitted to: with “Friends/Family Holiday Order” in the subject line.
Happy Shopping!!

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