31 Oct

Great article about OLive Brooklyn

Great article about O Live Brooklyn and beautiful pictures of our olive wood! link to original post

31 Oct

Awesome olive wood bottle holder

Check out our awesome olive wood bottle holder, featured in NY Magazine!!! Hand-carved in Tunisia, this crescent-shaped olivewood bottle holder ($24.95) is sold alongside a selection of on-tap extra virgins at new olive-oil emporium O Live (60 Broadway, nr. Wythe Ave., Williamsburg) link to original post

04 Apr

The national exhibition of Tunisian handicrafts

The national exhibition of handicrafts ", annual event organized by the Tunisian National Crafts (ONA) was inaugurated on Friday afternoon, Mr. Hamadi Jebali, head of the provisional government. Nearly 700 exhibitors from different governorates of the country, taking part in this edition, which will continue until 15 April 2012, the exhibition center in Kram, against 400 in 2011. Several articles of handicrafts are on display....

23 Mar

The culture of the olive tree in tunisia

Olive groves adorn the great Tunisian Sahel reflections silvery green, covering 57 million feet over a third of the territory. The olive cultivation in Tunisia dates from the eighth century BC. AD, even before the founding of Carthage by Queen Dido. The Phoenicians were the pioneers of olive cultivation in North Africa. The Carthaginians, the time of the prestigious Carthage had made farming a science, and it...